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Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI)
We provide a tiered system of support to help student progress towards their education goals.  The RtI program is the first step in helping the educational team (parents, student, teachers) identify the needs of the student.  Students on an RtI are asked to report to the resource room during study hall several days per week.  During this time, students will receive support directly related to their RtI plan goals.  RtI plans are managed by the RtI Coordinator and supports are provided by STEM teachers.  


Communication Pathway
If you have questions please use the communication pathway below:

  • Classroom Teacher > RtI Coordinator > Principal > Executive Director
  • The RtI process is managed by an RtI coordinator.
  • Contact information is in the sidebar, but please be sure to contact the specific classroom teacher before contacting the case managers.
Meetings to discuss plans:
Typically, RtI meetings are scheduled for 30 minutes.  If additional time is needed, a second meeting be scheduled.  Prior to attending the meeting, please review the RtI and supporting documentation that were e-mailed to you when you scheduled your appointment.