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Immunization Compliance Rate at STEM is 98%

Colorado Immunizations rates were just released by the CDC. We are proud that our overall immunization compliance rate here at STEM is 98%. We are very serious about making sure our students immunizations records are in compliance with Colorado State Law. This data is a testament to this commitment.
We are also working diligently to keep our students and staff safe from infectious disease outbreaks. The nurse maintains a list of all students that are immunized, non immunized, personally exempt from getting immunizations and students who are immunocompromised. If the nurse receives medical confirmation that a student has an infectious disease (such as the measles) immediate action is taken to notify all staff members and parents and implement the infectious disease specific plan per DCSD protocol.
All non immunized students against that specific disease, immunocompromised students and the student with the illness, will not be allowed to attend school until the incubation period for that illness has passed. Attached is the DCSD measles protocol that we abide by here at STEM.
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Karen Lewis RN BSN MEd

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