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Parking Updates at STEM

Students who drive to school must have a valid 2019-20 parking pass to park on campus. All student passes have been sold and there are currently no available passes. If you drive to school and park on campus without a valid parking pass, you will receive a citation. Parking without a pass, or a previous year's parking pass takes away spots from students who have paid for the opportunity to park on campus.
Areas where students cannot park:
  • No parking on campus without a valid 2019-20 parking pass.
  • No parking in any spaces or areas that are not designated as Student Parking.
  • No parking in the surrounding business parking lots, as these are private parking lots. (parking in these lots may result in vehicles getting towed and/or fined)
  • No parking in the alleyways (or blocking driveways/garages) of the Crescendo at Central Park neighborhood.
Options for students:
  • Carpool with fellow students who have valid 2019-20 parking passes.
  • Any public street parking that is clearly indicated with signage.
  • RTD Park N Ride lot at Highlands Ranch Town Center Park-n-Ride. The "0" line provides service to the stop at Ridgeline Blvd & Bluepoint Rd. Click here to access the "0" line schedule. Click here to view a map of the northbound route.
Please note: The Transportation Management Plan for STEM School Highlands Ranch dictates that we cannot have an impact on our neighbors and community. Please help us to accomplish this by staying compliant with the rules. 
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