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Make Checks for Hurricane Fundraiser to RED CROSS ONLY


We at STEM School Highlands Ranch are devastated and heartbroken over the tragedy that Hurricane Harvey has wreaked on Houston and the surrounding areas. We would like to do our small part to help the victims of this disaster.  The Elementary, Middle, and High School Student Governments are banding together to collect funds to send to the American Red Cross.


Here's how you can help:

  • Write a check, in any amount to the AMERICAN RED CROSS.  Please put “STEM School Highlands Ranch” in the subject line.  
  • You may deliver your check directly to Mrs. Ridder’s classroom, E223 or have your child drop the check in one of the large jugs in the school lobbies.  There will be a jug in the HS, MS and ES.
  • Students may also place coins or bills in any of the jugs as a contribution.
  • You may contribute directly to the American Red Cross, which is one of the top-rated charities in the US, especially for tragedies such as this.

Red Cross:


If you have any questions, please contact Maura Ridder..

Two inspiring quotes from students to help us all reach out and donate now:
"Life is like a bicycle, if you fall off you just get up and keep going. Hurricane Harvey is like falling off of your bicycle, and donating is like helping you up and getting you going again" ~Larkin Elliott, 6th Grade, STEM School, Highlands Ranch
“If we never lift up others, who will help us up? If others are lost, less of us are found. Wouldn’t you want the same done for you?” - Gabriel Ohnstad, 6th Grade, STEM School, Highlands Ranch
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