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Being a Good Neighbor: Please Respect Our Neighboring Businesses

STEM School’s Transportation Management Plan (TMP) was conceived to implement best traffic policies and practices to mitigate any potential impacts on our adjacent neighboring businesses within the community that we do business. 
STEM School’s TMP operational compliance is to have all parents dropping off and picking up students, student pedestrian traffic, visitors and guests to conduct themselves respectfully, act with integrity, and behave responsibly throughout the community.
We are sad to report that our close neighbors on south Barrons Blvd. believe STEM customers are not meeting the agreed upon expectations and their businesses are being severely imposed upon by STEM’s vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the process of students attending school.
South Barrons Blvd. businesses are being disrupted daily by:
  • Parents parking in lots to drop off or pick up students
  • Unruly children trespassing and disrespecting private property
  • The refusal of these individual’s ability to respect their rights
Consider this an advance notice that businesses plan to address these infractions by potentially ticketing and towing vehicles and / or processing notices to trespassing.
STEM asks that all individuals refrain from the continued or future use of any adjacent businesses’ roadways and parking lots. We must ask that you respect our neighbor’s rights to the quiet enjoyment of their businesses.
Robert Hoornstra
Chief Operating Officer
STEM School Highlands Ranch
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