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Two New Members Selected to Serve on STEM Board of Directors

Two New Members Selected to Serve on STEM Board of Directors 

Our all-volunteer school Board of Directors has nine seats. Two new members were recently appointed to fill remaining terms of seats that had been vacated. After advertising the openings on our website and in our newsletter, and through SAC and PTO outreach, five candidates submitted their applications. The selection committee interviewed the five candidates and selected the two that most matched current Board needs. 

All three on the selection committee agreed on the top two candidates, Heidi Elliott and Brian Sapp.  The selection committee recommended Board approval of both these candidates to fill Class A Board positions. Our Board approved on January 15, 2019.

Many of you know Heidi Elliott as she has attended many board meetings.  Heidi has two children (twins) who attend STEM School as 7th graders.  Heidi has experience in the corporate world; however, she currently owns/runs her own marketing strategy firm.  She has been active with STEM as part of the STEM’s PTO and was active in her children’s prior school.

Brian Sapp also has two children currently attending STEM School.  He’s a chemical engineer currently working as a Global Business Director for Johns Manville.  His career has been primarily in the materials technology area with meaningful global experience in businesses in the US, Europe and Asia.

 Both Heidi and Brian demonstrated experience in areas of importance to the board and both demonstrated empathy, creativity and a passion for making STEM School successful in the future.

 Congratulations to Heidi and Brian. We now have nine board members: three Class A (current STEM parents) and six Class B. Five are current STEM parents, one is a former STEM parent (his daughter graduated from STEM) and three board members serve because they believe in our mission. These three have children but they are not K-12 age. We are deeply appreciative of our all-volunteer board who work enormous hours to benefit our 1,850 students.

We would also like to send a big thank you to outgoing member Adam Roderick for his dedication in serving on our Board. He has agreed to continue supporting our Board and school in an advisory role.

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