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Innovate, Lead, and Launch with Us

What is the MARS Team?

Inspired by Jim Collins and his work with companies on growth and sustainability, STEM School Highlands Ranch assembled a group of teachers to be a MARS Team for the School’s sustainability, growth, and replication.
During our work with STEM School Highlands Ranch, the team has been recognized and sought out by other school districts and organizations throughout Colorado and the U.S. to replicate our approach and to collaborate.
Most recently we are collaborating with educational organizations to find solutions for the unique struggles of school districts in rural areas. (Read more here.) 
Some of our sought-after resources include our new strategies for synchronized learning that is bringing schools from all regions of the state, country, and world together to share ideas, tactics, and educational techniques. 
We also promote partnerships between business, industry and higher education, create professional development resources and help educators throughout the world launch their own MARS Team.

Our Vision

We envision a world of exponential possibilities where every school and student develop the innate knowledge, skills, creativity and character to thrive, lead and succeed in an ever-changing future.

Our Mission

Never Stop Innovating.
Innovate, lead and launch with us.  You will never look back again.