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Denver Design Week

STEM Students Present At Denver Design Week
October 17, 2018
In another STEM first, students from Ms. Wagner's 4th grade art studio collaborated with Mrs. Basu's middle school class on a project called "Opening Drawers". The 4th graders created design drawings for drawer handles, which middle school students then converted to 3D designs on a CAD program called Onshape.  The 3D Printing Company teamed up with us as well to produce the students' final designs on a 3D printer.

The Challenge:Opening Drawers

Fourth graders will design and 3D print prototypes for handles that open drawers. Their products will be presented to industry experts on October 17 at the Denver Design Week.

A class project informed by industry experts creates a culture of learning that is real world. Our students learn skills and knowledge that transfers to careers, higher education and innovation across the design world.

Learning in this environment improves industry and education. Symbiotic relationships are formed as our teachers work with industry and students. These relationships create a back and forth sharing of ideas, curriculum and learning approaches.  

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