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STEM Stories » Fourth Grade Pet Project

Fourth Grade Pet Project

November 30, 2018
Mrs. Gasser's 4th grade science class called in the experts while working on designing a play structure for their class guinea pig.  As part of the engineering design process the students visited the SYNK and video-conferenced with industry leaders in pet supply manufacturing. Students learned about how animal sense and receive information from their environment, and will use what they learned in their design. Students were able to ask questions about products currently available, why there is a lack of these types of products, and what types of product the industry leaders were looking for.  
Along with video conferencing, the 4th graders collaborated with 6th grade engineering students to help build stable structures.  Finally students incorporated technology by creating their maze in the hallway and programing their dash and dots through the maze.  This allowed students to visualize their mazes prior to building them.  Students will then test these designs, make corrections to the designs, and will present them to industry leaders in a showcase in February. 
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