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Broncos TackleSTEM: Coach of the Month

Broncos Tweet about STEM
January 31, 2019
Twenty-four Network Security students and two Computer Science teachers (Paul Lein and Cameron Ryan) received a rare behind the scenes look at the technology used at the Broncos Stadium, courtesy of the Denver Broncos.
Ryan received the 2018 Broncos Tackle STEM Coach of the Month Award presented at the Colorado Technology Association's Apex Awards. He was one of three finalists across the state honored at the annual black tie banquet. Two STEM students also won recognition there, Reade Webb and Jordon Monk, for their outstanding accomplishments in both school and Careerwise. 
The Coach of the Month award came with a personalized tour of the Broncos stadium for Ryan's entire Network Security Fundamentals (CNG132) class as well as the Independent Study students working on Linux and the OSCP.  Students got a chance to go behind the scenes, tour the studio, locker room, server room, and even go on the field. They met with the Bronco's graphic artists and video directors, and even got to control the Jumbotron. This group of students were all seniors. Students included:
  • Gus Alves
  • Chris Engel
  • Will Joslin
  • Matt Moran
  • Gio Paladino
  • Noah Soto
  • Austin Varghese
  • Will Hepperlin
  • Michal Bodzianowski
  • Mark Adam
  • Truman Geisen
  • Nicholas Griffin
  • Logan Griffith
  • Paul Harmston
  • Kai McRoy
  • Ari Martinez
  • Adam Parol
  • Trevor Rost
  • Ben Rouche
  • Tyler Strimbu
  • Ali Thompson
  • Reade Webb
  • Walt Weiffenbach
Students at Broncos Stadium
Inside Broncos control roomInside Broncos control room 2
Teachers Paul Lein & Cameron Ryan