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Leadership Team

We're all about the TEAM!

The world as we know it is being transformed by the proliferation of artificial intelligence and automation. This is ushering in a new Age of Agility. 


In this new age, individuals and organizations alike must increasingly become flexible, adaptable life-long learners. The pace of change will continue to accelerate, lines between education and training will grow increasingly blurry, and those who succeed will thrive on adjusting on the fly.


From an organizational perspective, and especially in schools, this means the old models of top-down leadership no longer make sense. There can’t be one keeper of the vision, leader, boss, from who all wisdom and strategy flows. The job is too big for that.


Successful schools of today and tomorrow are organizations that create systems where leadership is distributed among staff at various levels. Each member of such a leadership team hones his or her areas of expertise, based on experience and passions.


Meet the 2018-19 Leadership Team and link to each person

for a full description of their role and responsibilities 


It can also help to review the Communications Pathways for the 2018-19 school year.




Leanne Weyman Karen Johnson Stephanie Mendrala Cassie Sarah Hannah Liz

      Leanne Weyman         Dr. Karen Johnson      Stephanie Mendrala      Cassandra Burkard       Sarah Boland            Hannah Reese             Liz Dougan