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Student Parking Permits
Student parking permits are available in the main office for a fee to students who qualify. Students may only park in the parking lots if they have paid for a parking pass and registered their car with the high school front office. STEM reserves the right to have any vehicle removed that has not been properly registered. Due to limited parking on site for students, parking passes will be awarded on a lottery basis with upperclassmen getting priority for the parking spots.
Important Update for 2018-19 School Year
If your student received an email notification stating they did receive a pass in the 7/19 lottery, please be sure to pay the fee by 8/10/2018Due to the limited number of parking spots available, if payment is not made by 8/10/2018, the pass will be given to the next student on the waitlist. If your student is enrolled full time off campus, there is no need to purchase a parking pass as they will not be parking on the STEM campus for classes.
Student Parking Lot
High School Drivers will park in the EAST LOT. Use the right carpool / student lane to enter the parking lot, and BACK into spaces for easy exiting. Always follow the direction of the Traffic Attendant. It will be RIGHT hand turn ONLY into the parking lot off of Ridgeline Blvd. and RIGHT hand turn ONLY out of the parking lot. (It is suggested to enter from Plaza Blvd. and exit to Highlands Ranch Pkwy for easiest traffic flow). You can exit between blocks of cars or as directed by attendant. Please be aware that the middle lane of the parking lot (labeled Carpool Drop Off) will have cars stopping briefly in that space for drop off and pick up. Always drive with caution.