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Quick Guide to Systems


For Schoology login page, please click here

Schoology is the Learning Management System (LMS) that STEM is utilizing this year. Teachers have been preparing their courses within this system and will be spending time in the next few weeks, communicating to students and parents about their specific courses and the process for logging in. If you have problems or questions, please email

Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus (IC) is a Douglas County School District student portal that houses all information about your student including his/her grades, schedules, report cards, credits, transcripts (under reports tab) and historical information.
To access and/or get into your IC account, follow these simple instructions.
To access your parent portal or get assistance, link here: Parent Portal Help
quick guide to systems instructions for infinite campus
Infinite Campus App
Please see the image to the right for instructions on how to download Infinite Campus to your smart phone.
You may also view your student schedules on your mobile or computer device.  
For the app access:
Download the Infinite Campus app.
The Douglas County District I.D. is QKKYJL.
Your student login username is: Last Name, First initial, and Middle initial. No spaces or punctuation is needed.
Password: Dcsd, your student number. No spaces, but the first "D" MUST be capitalized.
Example (John S. Doe, Student Number 123456):
 From Douglas County School District (DCSD)

Google App information

Douglas County School District provides students and staff access to Google Apps for Education, a collaborative suite of web-based programs providing email, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, calendaring and other productivity tools. 

Google Apps for Education aligns with our 21st century teaching practices, as well as with the DCSD's Board of Education's End Statements and the DCSD Strategic Plan. In line with DCSD's Choice objective, each school leader can individually decide what tools shall be available for use in their building. 

How to Access your Google Apps Account:
As parents and guardians, you can access your student's Google Apps account login information through the Infinite Campus' Parent Portal. After logging into your IC Parent Portal account, click on the Student Account Info link in the left column to see your student's current username and password. 

Privacy and Student Data Security
Google has provided a thorough resource page discussing many of the questions you may have about data security and your student’s privacy while using Google Apps for Education. Learn more about Google's security practices. 

Please note: As a District provided service, we have the obligation and right to monitor and view any student inbox based on concerns over privacy, security, and/or technical issues. 

May I opt out of Google Apps?
What if I prefer that my student not have a Google account, may I opt out?
If you prefer that your student is not provided with a DCSD Google Apps for Education account, please contact your school registrar; they will assist with turning off Google Apps for your student.