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Safety Protocol

Below, you will find general guidelines on our safety protocol. Please keep in mind that not all details are provided for the public in the interest of student and staff safety.
General Safety Protocol Guidelines:

  • Staff members will not open doors during a lockdown.
  • Visitors will be allowed access to students only if the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department (DCSD) determines the site is secure.
  • The school will adhere to all demands by the DCSD. Please watch DCSD's video on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).
  • Information regarding a lockdown or other emergency at the school will be posted on the school’s social media and website, however, our main priority will be the safety of the student prior to parent communications. Therefore, we may not be able to answer the phones or return calls as quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • Parents are asked not to contact the DCSD for information. This is a firm request of the DCSD.
  • Student Communication with Parents:  We will attempt to provide parents and guardians with accurate information as quickly as possible. However, please understand that events of this nature are very fluid and constantly changing. Also be aware that information from other sources, such as news media, Facebook or Twitter, may not be accurate. Should your child contact you during such an event, remind them it is important they follow the directions of school staff.

Parent information prior to any school emergencies:

  • Communication to parents/community only takes place after it is determined that all students are safe.  Student and faculty safety are the main concern.
  • If an emergency occurs at our school, you will be notified via Infinite Campus, Social Media and the school website after it is determined that all students are safe.
  • Please be patient. School officials will deliver messages as soon as it is safe. In an emergency, our full focus and efforts must be on the safety of our students and staff, and on the successful resolution of the emergency.
  • With this in mind, Please do not come to or call the school.   Also, do not call the police. They have asked that we inform parents that calling the police for information jeopardizes the time they are spending to solve the emergency.
  • We realize that the normal parental urge is to come to the aid of your child; but in an emergency situation at school, you will not be able to help and may even become a hindrance.  It is vital that in an emergency, the district concentrates its resources towards the students and staff that are involved in the emergency. If those resources have to be diverted towards concerned parents who have come to the school, then those resources are not being used fully towards the emergency at hand.
  • We recognize the importance of good communication with parents and in the event of an emergency, you will be kept informed as much as possible via Social Media, Infinite Campus and the School Website.