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Bebras Computing Challenge Results

Fantastic STEM results from Bebras Challenge!

WOW! The results are in, and our STEM students performed extremely well on the recent Bebras Computing Challenge.

The Bebras® Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. It is organized in over 30 countries and designed to get students all over the world excited about computing. Each participant gets 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking. It is completed online in school and it shows how well student skills are developing.

Congratulations to the following 6 students, who are Best in School and Top in Colorado.

Group Student First Name Student Last Name Teacher Total (Out of 200) Achievement
Castor (age 8-10)
Grade 4
Ethan D. Gasser 184 Best in School
Castor (age 8-10)
Grade 4
Sebastian P. Miragliotta  184 Best in School
Benjamin (age 10-12)
Grade 4
Kaila R. Nelson 176 Best in School
Cadet (age 12-14)
Grade 8
Kellan S. BASU 180 Best in School
Junior (age 14-16) Bryce H. Lein 200 Best in School
Senior (age 16-18) Aaron P. aPlus6 188 Best in School

Here are the statistics of Stem School Highlands Ranch compared to others around the country.

Castor - Ages 8-10 
Benjamin Age (10-12)