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Applying to College

The College Application Process - The Basics

Applying to College is FAST:

F ees
A pplication
S end Scores
T ranscript

FEES: You will pay the application fee or submit a fee waiver (if you qualify - see the information about Application fee waivers below) at the end of your application. Fees per application can range from $45.00- $120.00.


The Colorado Department of Higher Education has teamed up with colleges and universities all across the state of Colorado to waive college application fees for all Colorado students on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.


Fee Waivers: To be eligible for fee waivers, students must be on free and reduced lunch. If you think you are eligible, but you are not on free and reduced lunch, please see Ms. Lytle. Eligible students can receive fee waivers that make their SAT/ACT testing free and some qualify for additional waivers for SAT Subject tests. Students are also given 4 fee waivers in their College Board account to apply to college after taking the SAT.

APPLICATIONStudents applying to a state institution will complete applications on the college website, unless the college uses Common Application. Many private and prestigious universities utilize the Common Application found on  Most applications become available online for students on July 1, 2019. By using Common Application, students can easily copy their application information over to another application.  The application includes student demographic information, course history, residency questions, extracurricular and volunteerism, talents awards & honors, employment information, and an essay or two if the college requires.

SEND SCORES: Send SAT or ACT official scores to the colleges you are applying to.  If you have not taken one of the exams yet, the college you are applying to cannot consider your application until you have at least one set of scores from one of the tests. 
SAT sign up, send scores, & testing dates:
ACT sign up, send scores, & testing dates:


TRANSCRIPT: Transcript requests go to Cassie Bradfield in the High School Counseling Office. Click HERE to download the forms.