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Educational Support » College and Career Planning » Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Questions to Ask on a College Visit:

• What are the application deadlines for admission?
• Do you offer Early Decision or Early Action?
• What is the average high school GPA of the entering freshman class?
• Do you accept AP credit? Is there a limit?
• When do I have to declare a major?
• What if I do not meet admission requirements?
• Do you accept transfer credits? Is there a limit?

• What is the average class size of introductory classes?
• What is the average class size of upper-level classes?
• What is the largest class on campus? What is the smallest?
• What are the most popular majors?
• What types of internships are available?
• Are there study abroad opportunities available?
• How do you assign faculty advisors to students, especially those who are not sure about
their major?
• What is the student to faculty ratio?
• What opportunities are there for undergraduate research and funding?
• How many students participate in undergraduate research?
• Do you have an Honors College? Is there a separate application for it?
• Do you have a learning community, learning dorm, or other freshman experiences that I
should be aware of?
• What type of tutoring programs do you have?
• What additional academic services are offered to students (career counseling, mock
interviews, study skills workshops, etc.)?
• Do you have a writing center on campus?
• What is your four-year graduation rate? What does it take to graduate in four years?
• What percentage of your freshmen return their sophomore year?
Financial Aid & Scholarships:
• When is the priority deadline for financial aid applications?
• What kind of financial aid is available?
• What percentage of your students receive financial aid from the university?
• What types of scholarships are available to freshmen?
• What is your average financial aid package?
• What work-study opportunities are there?

Campus Life:
• What percentage of your students live on campus?
• What kind of dorm choices are there?
• What percentage of the study body belong to a sorority or fraternity?
• What organizations and extra-curricular activities do you have on campus?
• What events are popular on campus?
• Is there transportation on and off campus? Is it easy to get to town and/or home?
• What is the climate during the school year?
• What is your relationship with the community like?
• What do students do in their free time?
• How are roommates selected?
• How does the meal plan work?

Questions to Ask Current Students:
• Why did you decide to attend this college?
• What was your freshman experience like?
• Do you feel there is a strong support / transition program for freshmen students?
• What is your favorite thing about this college? Least favorite?
• Where is your favorite study place on campus?
• Where is your favorite place to eat on campus? Off campus?
• What are you studying here? How did you choose your major?
• If you could change one thing about this college, what would it be?
• What sort of campus events does the college host?
• Do you have advice for an incoming freshman?
• How approachable are the staff/faculty/administration?
• How would you describe the community and atmosphere?
• What clubs or extracurricular activities do you recommend?
• Did anything surprise you when you became a student?
• Who is your favorite professor or what is your favorite class you have taken?