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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Completed Volunteer Hours 2019-20

Thank you to all these volunteers that completed their volunteer commitment before our COVID-19 break from school.  We really appreciate all your hard work and dedication!

Abano, Myla

Albertoni, Maria

Alleman, Ronalea

Allen, James

Arnold, Janet

Baird, Nikki

Banko, Elizabeth

Beck, Olena

Bello Smith, Martha

Bikki, Jyoti

Boen, Elizabeth 

Boraks, Julie

Butler, Kathy

Caldwell, Jenny

Campbell, Adelita

Campen, Maria 

Carter, Lindsay

Cayton, Victoria

Chow, Wai

Conway, Susan

Copic, Ivanka

Crowley, Tiffany 

Davison, Jeanne

Dickerson, Courtney

Elliott, Heidi

Farmer, Kelly

Fast, Lisa 

Finley, Katherine

Galvan, Sylvia

Gonzales, Jacie - Tiemann, Brandon

GOODWIN Riley, Gina

Gottapu, Hymavatny

Graber, Laura 

Greichen, Theresa and Jack

Gurule, Rebeccah

Gustafson, Carla

Haas, Penny

Homesley, Dale


Huebschmann, Amy and Matt

Hulshof, Cecile

Huskins, Judith


Jacobs, Christine

Johnson, Ruth

Jordan, Cari

Kalra, Ishmeet

Kerr, Stephanie

Kim, Hyounmi

Kim, Jane

Kindrick, Devon

Kingman, Brett

Knox, Beatrice

Kovack, Kent

Kummarakunta, Shalem

Lander, Kimberly and Chris

Lee-Toy, Karen

Lewis, Leta

Liedtke, Emily - Liedtke, Michael

Liyanage, Gayani

Lu, Zhiping(Amy)

Luniova, Kate

Malik, Sarika/Vipin

Mauch, Laurel and Kevin

Mauger, Laura and Andrew

McGuire, Kathi

mclain, robert

Min, So Young

Mitchell, Lisa

Montgomery, Susan

Mukkamala, Ramesh

Neguse, Sarah

Nicoara, Eugen

O'Reilly, Shanna

olson, victoria

Osborne, Susannah and Jason

Pan, Bo

Parol, Beata

Patil, Deepti

Patil, Sheetal

Paulson, Kelley

Pederson , Mindy

Peng, Samantha 

Pheteplace, Elizabeth

Poirier, Catherine

Prince, Julie

Ragampudi, Phani Krishna Prasad

Ray, Katie

Reyna, Kelly

Rosca, Adrian

Sapp, Suzanne

saron, Gagan

Savolainen, Suzanne

Schaefer, Dana /Rudy Lukez

Schell, Shelly

Shure, Chris

Smith, Brett

Soto, Samira

Staab, Charles 

Switzer, Tomo

Tavva, Sindhu

Thapa, Machhendra

Tombre, Michelle

Tong, Meredith

Traynor, Barbara

Vargish, Tara

Vaughan, Lori

VegaRyan, Chery

Venable, Julie 

Wallace, Joshua

Weckerle, Annegret

Westbarn, Dave

Wheeler, Tammy

Winans, Amy

Winfrey, Dave and Sarah

Wolak, Kimberly

Wolter, John

Young, Erin

Zawisza, Edyta

Zerr, Kathryn

Zukosky, Kerri

Upcoming Opportunities:
No current opportunities as the school is currently closed.  Please check back.  Stay well!
Please help, we are in need of many Classroom / Office / Health Room
Click here to view sign up sheet. 
Ongoing Opportunities: (during the school year)
Driveline (Earn Double Volunteer Hours)
Parent supervisors needed during AM & PM Driveline! sign up here. Arrive 5 minutes early to find parking and grab a vest. Extra incentive: Earn double hours ie: log 60 hours in Driveline (that's 30 actual volunteer hours) and earn a carpool pass!

Lunch Monitor
To volunteer for lunches please click here.

Spartan Afternoon Program
A great way to avoid waiting in afternoon drive-line, and maybe even take your own child home with homework complete.  This opportunity is after school and only requires volunteers to monitor students (no tutoring involved). If you are interested, please click here.

TSA Volunteer
To volunteer for TSA or to provide snacks please click here.
Donation Opportunities:  
Remember that every $20 = 1 volunteer hour.  Just make the conversion and log in the appropriate event.