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Reading, writing, speaking and listening are essential components of an effective literacy program for K-5 students (Calkins, L., 2014; Routman, R., 2003). Curriculum aligns with the Colorado Academic Standards (CDE, 2010) and Core Knowledge (Core Knowledge Foundation, 2010) framework. The STEM School will provide a balanced literacy approach that incorporates the following key principles:

Reading and writing instruction are closely connected. Components of balanced literacy include classroom instruction related to word study, interactive read aloud, shared reading and shared writing, independent reading and writing, and interactive editing.   

To optimize literacy instruction and student learning, time in content can be infused with modeled and shared reading and writing. The application and transfer of skills, strategies, and processes of reading and writing occurs across the day and throughout contents.

Skills are connected and maximized in all content areas (math, science, social studies, engineering, art, music, physical education, world language).

Non-fiction text is relevant and integrated which provides a forum for problem solving, collaboration with others, and critical thinking within real world relevant issues.