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About Me

Welcome to the STEM School Highlands Ranch


I’m one of the coaches for the 3rd grade STEM Destination Imagination team

I have two master’s degrees, one in Business and one in Education (curriculum and instruction)

My endorsements are in Sped, GT and ELA-E

In my free time I like to travel and have visited 33 countries. I also have been playing roller derby for over 10 years.



I strive to make my classroom community highly collaborative and student driven. Developing leaders and giving all students the opportunity to lead is a core element in my classroom. I believe in equipping my students with the tools to be accountable for their learning as well as hold their peers accountable. They facilitate their learning and the learning of their peers. Students in my class are also well practiced in Restorative Approaches as a method of conflict resolution.

Contact Information:
Shandra Botello