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About Me

Hello Students and Parents,

I am Mr. Haydel a 7th and 8th grade Social Studies teacher here at STEM. This will be my second year teaching here at STEM and I constantly look forward to working with the amazing students, parents, and faculty that make up our community. My background is in Political Science, Economics and Education as an alumni of both the University of Colorado and the University of Wyoming. I grew up in the mountains of Wyoming and in my spare time I enjoy being in the outdoors traveling and learning about our world. My hobbies besides being obsessed with news and learning more in my content area includes camping, rock climbing, skiing, tennis, basketball, football, ping pong, video games, and rocking out as a drummer for bands here in the Denver area.

I love working at STEM because the school is focused on teaching real world concepts and skills to students in an innovative environment that uses cross curricular learning experiences  between content areas which promotes learning for all types of students, and their interests. Each day my classroom focus is about building relationships, relevance, and understandings about our world and how we as individuals act and impact our world for the better or for the worst. I hope to inspire and help all students come to understand that learning and caring about Social Studies can be more than than just knowing history. Social Studies is the study of understanding how our current world and problems are shaped by the past, human psychology, sociology, geography, and political decisions that will impact each of us daily and in the future. Hopefully throughout the year we can work towards these goals, and i look forward to interacting with all students parents throughout this process of exploring and investigating topics this year in my classroom.