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About Me

I am excited to be a part of the 4th-grade team at STEM School Highlands Ranch for a 3rd year! I earned my B.A. in Elementary Education from Kean University. Teaching for a decade in Edison Public Schools has prepared me for true 21st Century Teaching. I am excited to be teaching 4th grade here at STEM School Highlands Ranch.


My favorite moment in teaching was inspired by purchasing a Kleen Kanteen reusable water bottle. The tag displayed “Take the pledge. Refuse To Single Use.” Of course, the water bottle came with me to Woodbrook Elementary School the next day where my 4th graders and I conducted research. We decided to try and persuade the entire K-5 school to take the pledge as well. Students brainstormed ideas about how we could successfully persuade the staff, students, and administration to stop using single-use water bottles. When I approved a student’s idea, they became the project manager for that specific task. Hundreds of reusable water bottles were donated to our class and we planned to hand them out when people signed up to take the pledge in our main lobby. At one point, the room was busy and I looked around. The students were engaged, excited, and above all, they weren’t choosing their friends to work with. Project managers were asking other students to join their team because of their math skills, art skills, etc. I felt so proud of them. Students collaborated on Google Drive to generate morning announcements, designed posters, hosted an event during school, and ultimately a persuasive iMovie was born!


I was introduced to iSTEM Education over 6 years ago and I have been in love with it ever since. I truly believe it levels the playing field for all learners.


I have participated in fundraisers like St. Baldrick ’s which raises funds for childhood cancer and C.A.R.E., a foundation that helps needy families in my hometown.


In my free time, I enjoy hiking, bike riding, camping, reading, FaceTiming with my family in NJ and yoga.


To see what is going on in my classroom, visit Twitter @kmiragliotta.