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Debra Richardson » Chemistry at STEM School Highlands Ranch

Chemistry at STEM School Highlands Ranch

I lived in southern NJ, near Atlantic City, most of my life.  I moved to Colorado last year upon accepting a position here at STEM School Highlands Ranch.  While I do miss the ocean, I am quickly falling in love with all beautiful Colorado has to offer.  This will be my 11th year teaching Chemistry, for which I earned my degree from Stockton University.  I worked in the QC field within the pharmaceutical industry prior to entering teaching, and I like to bring my real world experience into the classroom.
I have two beautiful daughters.  The older attends the University of Iowa while the younger will be turning two this year.  As a family we love to travel!  Our favorite place, so far, has been Italy.  When not travelling, I enjoy music, parks, all kinds of sporting events, and watching movies.
Course Overview: 
Our chemistry course explores the nature of science and investigative techniques utilizing relevant real world examples and techniques.  We utilize Vernier Lab Quest technologies to collect data and explain chemical phenomena.  Students also will engage with modern chemical techniques and assays.  This includes learning how tests like IR, GS/MS, NMR, and HPLC work and are applied. In this course, chemical concepts are mastered through inquiry and application.  Students will often evaluate and offer solutions to today's local and global challenges.  Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to explore how chemistry is important in their everyday lives and future career paths.
Branches of Chemistry