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Shan Neuman » Something about me and my family

Something about me and my family

My name is Shan Neuman, I like to be called Shia. 
I am come from China. I move to U.S. in 2010. I feel luck that I can explore two different countries and learn two different cultures. 
I have a big happy family. My parents move from China to U.S. to stay with us and take care of our baby. We have a little boy and he loves to discover and explore new things. 
Our Big Happy Family loves to travel, we went coast to coast last two summers and it is the best way to learn America. 

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Virtual Day Chinese Assignment --“I don’t like my hair” 我不喜欢我的头发

This video helps us to review the colors. And Two sentences:我喜欢,and 我不喜欢。 Please review the following post. And practice writing four colors and two sentences. Thank you :) 红色 hong se red 绿色 lv se green 黑色 hei se black 蓝色 lan se bule 白色 bai se white 粉红色 fen hong se pink 紫色 zi se purple 我喜欢我的头发。wo xi huan wo de tou fa. I like my hair. 我不喜欢的头发。wo bu xi huan wo de tou fa. I don't like my hair.

Virtual Day Chinese Assignment--My Favorite Class 我最喜欢的课

Please review all the classes' name in Chinese and try to practice writing four of them. 中文课 zhong wen ke Chinese class 英文课 ying wen ke English class 数学课 shu xue ke Math class 科学课 ke xue ke Science class 电脑课 dian nao ke Computer class 音乐课 yin yue ke Music Class 美术课 mei shu ke Art Class 体育课 ti yu ke PE Class

5th Grade Lane, Patryk and Andy's performance at Chinese Class

All of my students are doing excellent during world language. They are able to start sample conversation at 3rd week of World language class. Here is an example of how smart our students are :)

"Do you want it or not?" 要不要 (yào bú yào)

你要不要吃米饭? 你要不要吃面条? 你要不要吃水饺? 你要不要喝牛奶? 你要不要喝果汁? 你不要不要喝水?

What is your name? 你叫什么名字?

We learned how to say "what is your name" thought this song.