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Academic Support

Concurrent Enrollment Information:
Any students who have yet to complete all of their CE steps will need to do so no later than September 4
th at noon.  After 9/4, students can only drop up until 9/18.  After 9/18, if a student chooses to not get college credit, they can withdraw, and it will be documented on their college transcript.
STEM School Highlands Ranch Academic Planning Guides
Section 504 Information
Kristen Lunde, School Psychologist
Grades K-5
Coleen Sullivan, School Counselor
Grades 6-8 Last Names: A-L
Alexa Nichols, School Counselor
Grades 6-8 Last Names: M-Z
Jordyn Russo, School Social Worker
Grade 9
Aimee Wilmot, School Counselor
Grade 10: A-L
Grade 11: A-J
Grade 12: A-K
Erin Noonan, School Counselor
Grade 10: M-Z
Grade 11: K-Z
Grade 12: L-Z