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Student Support

Our Mission 
The mission of the Student Support Team at STEM School Highlands Ranch is to provide every student with the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in an environment that is safe, challenging and nurturing. We are dedicated to helping the entire student body reach their full potential while feeling empowered, respected and supported.
What We Provide:
This year you will notice that our Student Support page is divided into three sections:
  • Academic Support
  • Emotional Support
  • College and Career Planning
  • Sources of Strength
Please refer to right menu to connect with each of these areas and to learn more about what we do.
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Upcoming Events:

Middle School Workshops

For Current 5th Grade STEM Students!

These workshops were created to assist current STEM 5th graders with the middle school transition, to help make it as smooth as possible! Students will be provided with an overview of middle school-required courses, the block schedule, teacher expectations and other useful information.. Students will be given a tour of the middle school and have the opportunity to ask questions to a student panel.

Please sign up for ONE session per week.

(link below)

Week of 4/16 (Mon-Thurs) 2:30-3:30

Focus: An overview of classes, block schedule, very important people and STEM Formula for Character

Room: E202 (Mr. Callahan’s Room)

30 students max.

(Wednesday’s class (4/18) will be in Room E203)


Week of 4/23 (Mon-Thurs) 2:30-3:30

Focus: Teacher Expectations

Room: E203 (Mrs. Marshall’s Room)

30 students max.


Week of 5/7 (Mon-Thurs) 2:30-3:45 (*please note later end time)

Focus: MS Tour and Student Panel

Room: E215 (Mr. Nelson’s Room)

30 students max.


Week of 5/14 (Mon-Thurs) 2:30-3:30

Focus: Community Building

Room: E216 (Ms. Molitor’s Room)

30 students max.

Sign Up Here!