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Sources of Strength

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Sources of Strength is a positive messaging program that uses the power of Peer Leaders and social networks to help students find their voice in creating a positive change in their school. The program's goal is to bring awareness to each student’s individual strengths.

Each month, our Sources of Strength Peer Leaders will create a positive messaging campaign aimed at highlighting the 8 identified strengths in the Sources of Strength wheel:



Everyone goes through times of emotional ups and downs. When you know your strengths, you can lean on them when you have feelings of sadness, worry/anxiety, and anger. Sources of Strength Peer Leaders and Adult Leaders/Mentors can help students find their personal strengths.

Peer Leaders were nominated by teachers and classmates to be a part of this program. They have participated in a training and they meet regularly to create campaigns aimed toward helping other students find their personal strengths. 

Learn more about the Sources of Strength program here.