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Attendance Line: (303) 683-7836
Absence or Tardy
If your student is ill or late, please call the attendance line (303) 683-7836 by 8:00 a.m. stating a clear reason why they are missing school or if they will be late. If your student is late, please be sure that they clearly write their name on the Late Arrivals sheet in the their school office. Elementary students MUST be signed in by a parent.  Secondary students will need either a note from their parents, doctor office, etc., or a phone call from the parent. The attendance dialer will inform parents if a student is absent or tardy.
Early Dismissal

A student will be excused to leave class with an Early Leave Pass from the office. The student may exchange a note from the parent for the pass at the office.  Also:

  • A phone call to the office may be needed for younger Elementary School students.

The course of action that will cause the least amount of disruption to the classroom is to:
  • Pick your student up during passing period
  • Send a note in with your student to receive an Early Dismissal Pass (students will be able to show this to their teacher before class begins, and leave at the appropriate time).
  • NO unscheduled early pick ups will be allowed after 1:15 p.m. 
We have a check-in system called Raptor. Visitors, vendors and volunteers are required to submit their driver's license or proof of identification to be scanned into this system before proceeding into the building.